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There was a time when employees use to carry their own Dairy & Pen to the workplace from Day one and there were no dedicated departments to cater to employee issues. Unknowingly this led to instability and lack of enthusiasm in the employees which increase politics at the workplace and affected the growth of many organizations.

This became a matter of Research & Surveys, and what grabbed the eyeballs of the Organizations was the outcome of those Research & Surveys which mentioned that employee engagement can not only improve productivity but can also create a healthy workplace. Identifying the gaps, most organizations today are investing high on motivating & engaging their key asset i.e. their Employees & to say their businesses are growing.

Considering the Founders of Angel Gifts & Events belong to the HR Fraternity, they pushed the team to identify & develop fully-customized products which can help organizations in engaging their employees, and below are some of the key products that were suggested and appreciated by the clients & their end-users.

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Employee engagement should start the day the employee enters your workplace for the first time. This can happen with a Fully- Customized Joining Kit/ Welcome Kit. This kit should be designed to make the new hire feel happily accepted as an integral part of the organization while providing the necessary documentation and other essentials required for a smooth onboarding and settlement in the new environment.

This might look like an optional activity to few as this involves monetary investment and the goodies are given to a new hire whose achievements are still to be seen. But our experience says that this bundle of goodies hugely affects the new hires’ perception of the company and a new hire feels more comfortable, happy, and engaged from the first day itself and thus Joining Kit/ Welcome Kit is necessary for showcasing the Company Culture & Values.

One doesn’t need to design an award-winning welcome kit, but we suggest creating one which will make your new hires feel valued and welcomed at their new organization. Below are some of the products one can consider in their Welcome Kit/ Joining Kit keeping a check on their budgets & requirements in mind.

So let’s take a look at some of the Must-Haves in Employee Welcome Kit Ideas:

  1. A Gift Box or A Bag:

One can choose from a Gift Box, Jute Bag, or a Bag pack depending on their Preferences and Budgets. To elaborate A Medium Size Box is ideal for those who focus on a graceful look while Jute Bag is preferred by those who wish to bring longevity to the goodies carrier whereas some people choose bag packs so the carrier itself is a product.

TIP: One can create their own carry bags for a cost-friendly customized look if their Quantity is decently big.

  1. Logo-Customized Office Stationery & Supplies:

Office supplies can be anything that is needed by an employee every day in his work life. We refer to these items as “needs,” and lack of having this can affect the ease of doing work. The following is a shortlist of office supplies that will make the life of new employees much easier. Office Supplies may be the most basic but integral parts of each employee welcome kit. Ensure that new leases get them in their remarks kit overcoming the need to look for these items themselves. Such Items are Dairy/Notepads, Branded/Promotional Pen, Marker/ Highlighters, Staplers & Scissors, Folders & Business Cards.

TIP: Based on Company Preference & Budget one can choose from Branded and Eco-friendly Range of Product Options.

  1. Employee Handbook/ Manual:

New hiring should be well aware of the crucial rules and regulations of an organization. An HR could probably inform them verbally, but it is questionable if someone can remember them. Therefore, An Employee Handbook/ manual is used to give employees clear instructions on the backs, not to do, and the policies of the organization. Including the employee’s manual/ Handbook in the New Employee Welcome Kit ensures that they have a physical copy of the company’s missions and expectations that they can refer to.

TIP:  While the employee handbook is about highlighting rules and regulations, A Company can add Highlight the hall of fame, Display pictures, and experiences of the Team Building Activities, etc. to showcase the fun part for corporate culture. The idea behind this is to add a pleasant display that makes the company culture so unique and exciting.

  1. Welcome Card with a message:

Personalized Welcome Card with a message from CEOs and other executives embed pride and belonging to new employees. Personalized messages can include the company missions & visions and expectations from the team. This low-cost addition creates a lasting impression and helps build a bond on the very first day of the joining of the employee.

TIP: Use language that is easy to understand and that connects to the sentiments of the new joiner.


  1. Customized T-Shirt & Caps:

The word ‘Company’ literally means a series of associated individuals’ and there is no better way to demonstrate that they belong to the same group that is not clothing. Even a simple T-shirt or a Cap that has the logo of the company printed or embroidered in it generates a significant sense of belonging and makes employees feel together as a team.

  1. Customized Bottle/Mug:

Customized Bottles & Mugs engage the employee every day and with every sip of Water/ Tea or Coffee. This is a cost-friendly useful addition that brings a significant sense of belonging and team ship.

TIP: Based on Budget & Preferences one can choose from Branded or Generic Brands and make. Life Mugs can be ceramic or steel and Bottles can be Sipper or Hot& Cold.


  1. Safety Essentials:

We are in the pandemic era, it is very important to ensure the safety of our workforce even when bringing up new employees. This calls for some basic hygiene and safety for everyone. Thus one should Include Hand Sanitizers & masks in the Kit.

TIP: One can get logo customized Safety essentials also.

  1. Refreshment Box:

Everyone loves snacking while working and thus a box of refreshments can make a new joiner feel welcomed at a glance. One can choose from Tea-time Snacks, Chocolates or Dryfruits, and Green Tea, depending on budgets and preferences.

TIP: Logo Customized Chocolates can also be a good option to promote the brand swag.

  1. Customized Goodies Often Referred as Company Swag:

These are those products that are customized with the Organization’s Brand. Every employee looks forward to getting these as an excellent addition to any employee welcome packages. Some of our suggestions are Headphones, Desk Planters, Stress Balls, Books, Photo Frames, Fitness Tracker, Mobile Holder, Laptop Holder, and more.

TIP: Additions must focus on those products which help ease day to day life of the end-user.


The above are a few recommendations based on the market surveys and feedback but one can maximize the options by reaching one of India’s top joining kit vendors i.e. Angel Gifts & Events 

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