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Top 10 Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2018

These days, business organizations look at various stakeholders as ‘Partners in Progress’ and hence resort to corporate gifting during festivals to build lasting relationships! It is a way of acknowledging and thanking all agencies, departments, Clients, associates, partners and employees for their support for the growth and development of business. The central theme is to create a lasting impression while gifting.

Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Occasions when Corporate Gifting happens are:

  • Festivals– Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Etc.

  • Birthday and Anniversary Gifts, Personalized Gifts as per occasions.

  • Milestones– Achievement and other Awards, Gratuity, Silver & Golden Jubilee, Etc.


    Corporate Gifting

In every form of corporate gifting there is some amount of branding involved to promote brand awareness in the minds of the recipient. The type of gifts depends on the Budget, Cause and Quantity. Corporates can definitely negotiate better due to bulk requirements. Gifting ideas fall under two broad categories i.e. Traditional and Non- traditional which can be classified by the examples below.


Non- traditional:

This combines technology, utility, aesthetics, feeling of wellbeing, social status, and to reflect organizational leadership of gift items and are targeted to satisfy the social recognition needs of individuals.

Some trending gifts are:

  1. Tech Products e.g:- Smart watches – A multifunctional item which satisfies the needs of health freaks, safety and security.

  2. Photo frames- To display/keep some of the photos of our loved ones.

  3. Premium Pens– Writing instruments which are perceived to be a status symbol.

  4. Enlightened Buddha- To usher tons of good health, wealth and prosperity.

  5. Travel Kits- Trolley/ shoulder bags made from high quality leather to help travel in comfort.

  6. Household utilities– Water bottles, electric/ solar kettles, vegetable cutting boards, mixtures and grinders, table wares – These items are useful in every household.

  7. Combos like Cuff-links and ties, Premium Pen Sets etc- These are useful for employees to supplement their formal ware.

  8. Mobile phones/tablets/Bluetooth Headsets /Bluetooth Speakers and power banks: With increased use of mobile communication these are highly useful gadgets.

  9. Entertainment vouchers- These can be venue/event specific however this may not cater to everyone’s tastes.

  10. Shopping vouchers of retail outlets: This gives an option to any gift items of one’s choice from a specific retail outlet.

  11. Both 9 and 10 lacks company branding and is likely to fade out of memory too soon.

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