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PPE Kit (Personal Protective Equipment Kit)

PPE Kits acts as the most important protection wear in preventing transmission of the COVID19 / Coronavirus. They are used not only in treatment centers but also in other various activities.

Product Specifications

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No of Contents Full Bodysuit, 1 Pair Gloves, 1 3-Ply mask, 1 Pair Shoe Cover, 1 Pair Goggles, and 1 Biohazard Bag
Return Policy Non-Returnable
Certified SITRA Certified


  • Helps protect you against COVID19/ Coronavirus and other infections, viruses & bacteria
  • Prevents bodily exposure to such infectious agents
  • Made from good quality standard material
  • They are impermeable
  • Made as per safety measures
  • Ideal for doctors, caretakers, or any other person to avoid contact with such agents.



PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment is designed to shield and protect the wearer against various contagious viruses, bacteria’s, or infections. These Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) are nothing but a protective gear designed to safeguard the wearer’s health by minimizing any exposure to hazardous biological agents such as viruses, infections, body fluids etc. The Protective equipment consists of garments and other essentials, it is worn mostly by health care workers, people taking care of infected people or any other persons in need to protect themselves against infectious agents. The PPE kit includes –

  • Full Bodysuit – Made from PP Non-Woven Laminated with Deam Tapping (90 GSM) fabric which is approved by Sitra, this bodysuit is designed to protect the whole body. It is impermeable, which means it does not let any fluid etc to pass through it. This full-length bodysuit features full sleeves with elastic cuffs, front zippered opening, and an attached cap with a drawstring for extra seal. It is also the free size and disposable.
  • WHO Approved Gloves – These surgical gloves are powder-free and to easy wear. The gloves are non-sterile and are also disposable.
  • 3 Ply mask – The surgical mask features high-level filtration to effectively block bacteria and infections which are generated and transmitted from an infected person in the form of droplets or aerosols. The disposable 3-Ply face mask has soft elastic ear loops and a flexible plastic strip that will help to keep the mask in place all day long.
  • Shoe cover – This disposable shoe cover is made from (SMS 90 GSM) fabric and features elastic closure a little above the ankles for greater fit.
  • Goggles – These disposable and fog safe goggles are protective glasses which are designed to also accommodate prescription glasses. They are clear and offer indirect venting to reduce fogging. The protective glasses also feature an elastic band at the back, this ensures that the goggles stay in place.
  • Biohazard Bag – The kit includes bio-hazard bags to dispose of all the used medical material that may be contaminated and need a safer disposing method.


1. What is a PPE Kit?

PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment is a specialized designed medical gear worn to protect yourself against infectious materials. PPE helps prevents contact with such agents or body fluid that may contain the infectious agent, by creating a barrier between the agent and person wearing it.

2. What does the kit include?

The kit 1 Full Bodysuit, 1 Pair Hand Gloves, 1 3-Ply mask with Meltblown, 1 Pair Shoe leggings, 1 Pair Goggles, and 1 Biohazard Bag.

3. Who can wear this PPE kit?

This PPE kit can be worn by doctors, nurses, other health workers, caretakers or any other person in need to protect themselves if in close proximity with a suspect or an infected person.

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