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Hygienizer from Diversey – Protects against COVID19

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State Of Matter/Chemical Form Liquid/Solution
Hygienizer Kit Contents 200 ml 70%Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 25 Dry Wipes and 500 ml Oxivir RTU Liquid Spray
Packaging Type Box
Brand Diversey
Wipes Material 100 % Polyester
Wipes Size 20 X 25 cm


Hygienizer from Diversey – Trusted Hygiene Mate

Hygienizer is a kit that has been designed to assist each individual to maintain personal hygiene and ensure sanitization in their designated seating areas/cubicles. In addition to the cleaning procedures carried out every day by the office housekeeping staff. The kit is a step in helping to counter the threat of COVID -19 lurking around us providing high levels of sanitization in the most effective manner

Additional Information

Delivery Time Within 7 Days
Hygienizer Packaging Details 1) SoftCare Rinse free hand sanitizer:1X 200ml bottle of>70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer

An alcohol rub developed for hand sanitization/ this product is suitable for application in the areas of healthcare/ food processing and for personal hygiene.


• Ethanol is a very efficient disinfecting agent and consequently highly effective against resident and transient skin microorganisms

• Contains humectants that prevent skin irritation

Liquid gel formulation ensures uniformity during application

2) Oxivir RTU Liquid Spray:1X 500ml spray bottle with trigger

Next-generation ready to use single-step disinfectant liquid cleaner based on proprietary AHP technology. Oxivir RTU spray is formulated using the “fastest disinfection technology”.


• Fast/effective/responsible and sustainable formulation

• Cleans/disinfects and deodorizes in 1 labor-saving step

• Environmentally-responsible;no VOC’s/no added fragrance/noNPE’s

• The active ingredient breaks down to water and oxygen

3) Dry wipes: 20X25cm(25nos.) 100%Polyester 35 GSM Wipes


• Designed for complete compatibility with Oxivir RTU

• Highly absorbent/maximum disinfectant in a single wipe

• Effective in soil removal from the surface


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