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Gifting is a tough job until you focus on the utility of the gift item.  Today Corporates are spending much time and focus on choosing the gift items. This is because they want to use gifting as a way to express gratitude towards good work and stong their bonds. While planning a Perfect Gift, Corporates focus is on the utility and longevity of the gift item.

Angel Gifts has done a lot of research on those Utility Tech Accessories and Products which are preferred by All Age Groups. These are Budget-Friendly and have great space for Customization and Logo Branding. These handfuls of tech accessories will really help People bring a smile to the receiver end.

These are ideal for Diwali Gifting, Giveaways for Award Events and Conferences, Birthdays and Anniversary Gifts. These can also work as an add-on gift for promotional offers.

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3 Usb Hub With Mobile Stand & Logo Highlight

 175.00 + Taxes Discount : 41%

Blaze Wireless Mouse Pad

 1,271.00 + Taxes Discount : 32%

Dark Knight USB Light

 200.00 + Taxes Discount : 33%

eBucket Desk Buddy USB Hub

 235.00 + Taxes Discount : 30%

Folding Metal Laptop Stand

 499.00 + Taxes Discount : 44%

Lamp With Multifunction Wireless Music Speaker

 2,949.00 + Taxes Discount : 32%

Mouse Pad with USB Hub

 205.00 + Taxes Discount : 41%

Portronics RuffPad 10 Inch.Re-Writable LCD Pad

 906.00 + Taxes Discount : 55%

Portronics RuffPad 8.5 Inch.Re-Writable LCD Pad

 694.00 + Taxes Discount : 23%

Portronics Saga X Virtual Reality Headset

 567.00 + Taxes Discount : 37%

Powerglow USB Hub With Tumbler And Logo Highlight

 265.00 + Taxes Discount : 40%

TechDeck Pen Stand, USB Drives & Mobile Stand

 210.00 + Taxes Discount : 30%

Zebronics ZEB-NC1000 Laptop Cooling Pad

 363.00 + Taxes Discount : 34%

Zebronics ZEB-NC1100 Laptop Cooling Pad

 302.00 + Taxes Discount : 33%