Corporate Gifts 

These days, Business organizations whether Big or Small,  both indulge in corporate gifts. This is because they look at their Employees and various stakeholders as ‘Partners in Progress’ and hence resort to gifting during festivals to build lasting relationships. This is called Corporate Gifting! It is a way of acknowledging and thanking all agencies and departments for their support for the growth and development of business. The central theme is to create a lasting impression via corporate gifts.

Occasions, when Corporate Gifts are given to Employees and Business Partners, Dealers & Distributors:

  • Festivals– Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Etc.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Gifts-  Personalized Gifts as per occasions.
  • Milestones & Achievement- Award Events, Gratuity, Silver & Golden Jubilee, Etc.
  • Occasional Gifting – Women’s day, Mother’s day, etc.

In every form of corporate gifts, there is some amount of branding involved to promote brand awareness in the minds of the recipient. The type of gifts depends on the Budget, event, and Quantity. Corporates can definitely negotiate better due to their bulk requirements. Gifting ideas fall under two broad categories i.e. Traditional i.e All-time gifts and Non- traditional i.e trendy Gifts which can be classified by the examples below.

Traditional/ All-time Corporate Gifts:

  • Diaries
  • Desk/ Paper Calendars
  • Sweet boxes
  • Flower bouquet

Non- traditional/ Trendy Corporate Gifts:

This combines technology, utility, aesthetics, feeling of wellbeing, social status, and to reflect organizational leadership of gift items and is targeted to satisfy the social recognition needs of individuals.

Some trending gifts are:

  1. Smartwatches & Activity Trackers – A multifunctional item that satisfies the needs of health freaks, safety, and security.
  2. Photo frames- To display/keep some of the photos of our loved ones.
  3. Branded Pens and Pen sets like Parker, Montblanc pens, etc. Writing instruments which are perceived to be a status symbol.
  4. God Idols, Vastu & feng shui Items – To showcase your wishes for tons of good health, wealth and prosperity.
  5. Travel Kits, Trolley & shoulder bags made from high-quality leather to help travel in comfort.
  6. Kitchenware and Home Utility like Branded Water bottles, electric/ solar kettles, vegetable cutting boards, mixtures and grinders, tableware, etc. These items are useful in every household and coves from various brands.
  7. Cufflinks, Belt and ties Sets – These are useful for employees to supplement their formalwear. For Women Employees company prefers to gift them Scarfs and Branded Cosmetics Sets.
  8. Tech Gifts like Speakers, Customized Pendrives, Power banks, etc.  are highly useful gifts that are appreciated by every age group.
  9. Entertainment vouchers and Shopping vouchers for online and retail outlets: This gives freedom to choose their own gift items.
  10.  Logo Chocolates, Customized Chocolates- These are preferred over traditional sweets as they taste good and can be presented in various gift boxes and hampers.

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24K Gold Rose 10 Inch With Gift Box

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24K Red Gold Rose With Gift Box

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3 Usb Hub With Mobile Stand & Logo Highlight

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4D Ornament Frill | | Christmas Decoration

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A5 Hard Cover journal Diary (A5,A6 &B5)

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Add Gel Gold Diamond Pen

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AG Decorative Small Cage

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AG Designer Candle Holder – Lotus Shape

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AG Designer Candle Holder- Flower Shape

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AG Hanging Lotus Style Candle Holder

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AG Pinja Style Metal Box

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AG Quilled Stands Big

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AG Quilled Stands Small

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker With Alexa

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Amazon Gift Card

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Angel 3 Fold Cover with Lock Diary 2020

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Angel 3 Fold with Clip Diary 2020

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Angel 3 Fold with Square Clip Diary 2020

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Angel 4 in 1 Photo Frame

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Angel A4 Notebook Planner 3 Fold – 446F

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Angel A4 Notebook Planner with Calculator – 446E

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Angel A5 Diary One Dated 3 Fold

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Angel A5 Diary One Dated Soft Cover

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Angel Aroma Burner Set

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Angel Aroma Burner Set- Mini

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Angel Aroma Electric Diffuser

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Angel Aroma Electric Diffuser – 02

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