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Gifting Ideas

Gifts For Men

Men Gift Ideas is generally a complex task that has to cater to many factors right from physiological to self-actualization needs. There is a proverb “Men are from Mars” which probably indicates lesser ability to buy things for themselves, which is why they are elated when receiving gifts.

Gift Ideas for Men

This article examines the gifting in the age groups 18-40. This is the beginning of various phases in one’s life in educational, professional and marital, parental phases of life. Undoubtedly this is the most crucial and ‘Happening’ phase in a man’s life. The life of men undergoes a transformational change from a carefree, takes it easy attitude to a more responsible, matured and committed individual.

On the psychological front as age advances, the tastes and preferences undergo a sea change to evaluate the usability of the gifts. Hence for higher age groups of men unless specific tastes and preferences are well known it may be a wise to present gifts that are ‘Usual’ (travel bags/kits, hoodies, watches, utility articles). Likewise, spiritual gifts can be avoided as far as possible as this may offend one’s beliefs and sentiments. Besides the degree of success in this age band can vary from not so good to achieving peaks in personal and professional fronts to a steady and somewhat balanced life.

Few life milestones for which gifts can be given are:

  • Birthdays- The relevance may decrease in the latter part of one’s life.
  • Life’s landmark events
  • Admission into undergraduate courses
  • Achievements in extracurricular/sports
  • Successful placements
  • Promotions and recognition in employment
  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • Attaining parenthood
  • Marriage anniversaries


In addition to gift ideas for men, across various age groups gifting for men is also done on various festivals (either regional or national). The gift must reflect the spirit, joy and relevance of the occasion. Some of the gifting ideas for various categories of men can be listed as below:


CategoryUnique Gifting Ideas
·        Mobiles and Tablets

·        Kindle Readers

·       Bluetooth Headphones

·        Stylish Watches

·        Footwear and Accessories

·        Goggles and  Sun Glasses

·        Color and Painting books

·        Sports and Fitness equipment /membership

·        Formal Dress ware

·        Personal Kits

·         Accessories – Cufflinks, Ties

Beyond 30·        Utility articles

·        Family Photo frames

·        Travel kits

·        Club memberships

·        Gift vouchers

·        Silver Glasses/trays

·        Essences and fragrances

·        Home decor

·         Gold / Silver Coins / Jewellery


While the above are indicative, certain items like Apparel, Accessories can be given to all categories of men.

Gifting many times acts as an icebreaker that paves the way for smooth and harmonious relationships- business/personal deals. It is a step towards enriching relationships. Gifts are highly event-centric and have a greater personal and emotional appeal if done on relevant event days. Hence ‘Timeliness’ and physical presence play a very important role in gifting.

Angel Gifts provides the customers with exciting, ample choices across multiple categories suiting all age groups of men. We also offer personalized gifts which are sure to provide a soothing, caring and affectionate touch to the recipient.  We welcome you to explore and will be pleased to serve you at all times!

To conclude, gifting spreads positivity in relationships and builds trust, mutual understanding, social bonding and respect for each other. Besides, it evokes a spirit of brotherhood and symbolizes caring attitude, concern and social maturity.

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