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Festival Gift Ideas

Festivals means “a day or period of celebration, typically for religious reasons.” It is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and revolving around some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or traditions. India as a nation has so many unique and different festivals, some of which are regional and others are national. In our country festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The mood and fervor across festivals differ. Festivals are a product of cultural diversities of our country.

The underlying themes of various festivals include:

  • Spiritual thoughts and traditions

  • Promote unity and brotherhood

  • Compassion and service to the community in general

  • Break from the monotony of the daily rigors of life.

Gifting during regional and local festivities is a fairly recent phenomenon and in general is restricted to only a particular region/ community. Gifting during festivals conveys a spirit of joy, happiness, mutual respect and in some cases to share ones prosperity and wealth. The items that are gifted during festivals are highly region centric.

Festival Gifting mostly cover the following categories of persons: ie – Relatives, Friends, Economically underprivileged, and NGOs and occasionally includes – Employees, Vendors / Service Providers, Government departments/ Banks/ agencies. The items gifted may denote some specific religious notions and hence may not appeal to everyone. Hence it is important to select gift items that will cater to the sentiments and emotions of all.

We should endeavor to recognize and promote region specific speciality handicrafts/articles so that it also helps to uplift the local talent. It is important to decide on the budget and the persons to whom the gift is to be given. Gifting ideas could range from the lowest to the highest. Some of the gifting ideas are:

  1. Sweet/Dry Fruit boxes

  2. Apparels

  3. Watches

  4. Specialty foods specific to festivals

  5. Photo frames

  6. Idol/ Motif of God

  7. Household utilities- Cutlery, Crockery sets

  8. Household equipment – Grinders, Mixers

  9. Jewellery

  10. Lanterns

  11. Lamps

  12. Hand/ Utility bags

  13. Silver Glasses/trays

  14. Laughing Buddha

  15. Pooja kits

  16. Spiritual trays

  17. Essences and fragrances

  18. Money plants

  19. Home décor

  20. Gold / Silver Coins

 With the advancement of technology it is very easy to order gifts online after negotiating good deals there are plenty of sites like wedtree.com, amazon.in, flipkart.com ,orderyourchoice.com, giftingnation.com,indiagift.in,archiesonline.com, phoolwala.com, giftsbymeeta.com , fnp.com, floweraura.com which provide wide choices for gifting across monetary limits and categories. We should practice responsible gifting by promoting environment friendly practices – in the form of handcraft items, solar powered / energy efficient equipment, earthen pots / utensils.

Festival gifting is a wonderful occasion to remind ourselves of our rich cultural heritage which exist across various regions, understand its relevance and pass it on to generations to come!

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