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Designer Gift Box

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Electric Kettle

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Victor Glass Bottle

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Lenovo Smart Display

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Virex Disinfectant

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Myntra Gift Card

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Corporate Gifts for All Occasions

Corporate Gifts are those gifts that Corporates Give to their Employees, Clients, Customers, Dealership Networks on various Occasions & Festivals like Diwali, New Year, Award & Reward Functions, Corporate Events & Conferences,  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions like Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, etc.

The sole purpose of gifting is “Motivation”.  Motivation to JOIN, SUSTAIN, OVER -ACHIEVE

Angel gifts & Events act as a deciding partner for the best available gifting options in one place. We ensure that we offer product options that fit perfectly in the Client budget and occasion needs. Be An Award Function, Launch Event, Conference, Festival, or Giveaways for Birthdays Anniversary and Wedding, at Angel gifts, we ensure to impress the receiver. We don’t miss to bring the smile on the face of the one receiving the gift.

During one of our recent work, we empaneled for a Pharma Brand for the entire year for all kinds of gifting needs. We would want to share the case study with our visitors.  Our Client had three segments they wanted to cover.

  1. New Joiners – To Engage them
  2. Current Employees – To Motivate for Good Work
  3. Doctors Network – To Generate Reference to Boost Sales

We decided on our work and structured our gift plan keeping two things in mind. First was Branding and second was the Utility of the Gift Item.

We designed their Logo Customized JoiningKits for their New Joiners. This had a Welcome Letter, Customized Mug, Organizer, T-shirt, Planter, Pen, Lanyard, Sipper Bottle, and Company Manual in a Customized Gift Box. These helped the joinees fell instant connection with the organization and were motivated towards their KRA’s on the very first day of their JOB.

For Current Employees, we designed their Award System. Now our client rewards their employee’s performance with specially designed Memento along with Amazon GiftCard, Branded Pens, Powerbank, Promotional Mugs, and Activity Trackers. The value of gifts varies from Rs.500- 2000 depending on their levels and justifications. This helped them to create healthy competition amongst the teams and brought a positive workforce in action. This Award system was done in a way that the company logo was highlighted everywhere.

Then we focused that the employees feel like an integral part of the organization and for this, we supported management with sufficient suggestions for gifting the employees on their Birthdays, Anniversary, and Festivals.

This time the gifting was more about branded products and Hampers. For Birthdays, Anniversary, and Festivals like Holi, & New Year we suggested them Customized LOGO Chocolates and Hampers. Since Diwali is celebrated in a grand way in India we suggested our client gift Dryfruits along with Utility gifting i.e. Home Appliances, Branded Cookware, Branded Bags, PersonalCare, Blankets, Bed-sets, etc. These gift items are durable and the entire family will use it so the value of gift item will get double. This went really well with our client and their employee retention went up which also took the business to grow. As now the employees were retaining and performing.

The ultimate target was to capture Doctor’s attention and for that, we suggested they not go expensive as here frequency of gifting was our focus rather its value or cost. For doctors, we suggested promotional products. i.e. Logo Customized Products. We suggested products where the products will be usable and logo-customized to ensure proper branding.

We suggested Coasters, Promotional USB, Promotional Pen & Pen-Sets, Key-Chains, Sipper Bottles, Clocks, Table-tops, Planners, Organizers, Stationery Items, PaperWeight, and DoctorsKit. All these items were in bulk quantity so we played with their shapes and customization possibilities. The client also valued our efforts and is now our recurring account.

The entire experience thought us a lesson that No Client is the same as SO are the Requirements and The Excellence of a Gift lies in its Appropriateness rather than in its Value!